KP4IP-2 Digipeater (MDE)

tnc KP4IP-2 is a APRS digipeater located in Maricao State Forest “Monte del Estado”  at 2,800ft. It brings coverage to the Northwest, Southwest, Central and West of the island of Puerto Rico. The digipeater operates on the 144.390 MHz frequency and retransmits data packages (APRS) originated by amateur radio operators. The hardware setup is a GM-300 radio with a Kantronics KPC3+ modem/ TNC.


APRS Digipeater Callsign KP4IP
APRS Digipeater Becon KP4IP-2
Digipeater City Maricao
Digipeater Province/State PR
Digipeater Country Puerto Rico
Digipeater Owner/Sponsor Francisco J. Puig
Digipeater  Frequency (MHz) 144.390
Digipeater Antenna Comtelco
Digipeater Antenna Gain (dB) 3
Digipeater Tx. Power  (Watts) 25
Digipeater Deployed Date 4/05/2008