147.130 MHz (Maricao, PR)

+ 147.130 MHz Repeater Informational Page

The 147.130 MHz VHF is the HUB repeater for multiple links. This repeater has two receivers in order to cover the Northwest, Southwest, West, and Central part of the island of Puerto Rico.  The receiver use the same frequency with two different sub audible tones. Please refer to the map below to have an idea of the coverage.

Repeater Technical Data;

Repeater Brand : Kenwood TKR-720
Site Coverage: Northwest, Central, South & West of the Island
Site Location: Maricao, PR
Site AMSL:Meter: 946m
Antenna: Comtelco BSL150XL3-A

To operate this repeater in the Northwest Area use tone # 123.0 hz.


To operate this repeater in the Southwest Area use tone # 100.0 hz.


* The coverage is an approximate operating mobile or base. HT could be limited due to multiple factors.